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CHADD of NW Michigan Conference | New Page Title
CHADD of NW Michigan
CHADD of NW Michigan Conference

Signing up is easy!!!  Just print two copies of the form below, fill out both.  Mail one in with check and keep the other.

  CHADD of Northwest Michigan

is pleased to announce a fall conference:


ADHD Through the Lifespan


When:  Friday, September 12, 2003


Where:  Grand Traverse Resort


Time:  8:00 a.m. 2:30 p.m.


Who Should Attend:  Parents, Teachers, Social Workers, Adults with ADHD, Physicians, Psychologists, Therapists, or anyone else interested in



Cost:   Pre-Registration: $45.00 / At the Door: $55.00, refreshments and lunch included



8:00 8:30 AM:  Registration

8:30 10:00 AM:  Keynote Address: ADHD and Comorbidities Disease State Across the Lifespan

                                Speaker:  DR. BIRGIT AMANN, Psychiatrist, Rochester Hills, MI

10:00 10:30 AM:  Coffee Break                

10:30 AM 12:00 PM:  Breakout Sessions Choice of one of the following will be available:

1.        School Readiness Begins at Birth Way to Grow, a school readiness program, will be discussed.

Speaker:  SUE ZELL, Early Childhood Supervisor, TBA ISD (Way to Grow)


2.        Dismissed and Undiagnosed The Children Too Often Left Behind

Speaker:  REBECCA R. DOBLER, MSW, ACSW, Certified School Social Worker Kingsley Area Schools, Clinical

                Social Worker The Maple Clinic


3.        Organization Skills in the Home and in the Community

Speaker:  CAROL HOLLAND, OTR, Occupational Therapist, Neuro-Recovery Program Affiliated with Munson

                Medical Center


4.        Update on Non-Stimulant Medications

Speaker:  TERRY M. DICKSON, M.D., Director of The Behavioral Medicine Clinic of Northwest Michigan


5.        Behavioral Management Issues in the Home and in the Classroom

Speaker:  CARRIE KEYES, Teacher at Central Grade School (Talented and Gifted Program)


12:00 1:00 PM:  Lunch


1:00 2:30 PM:  Breakout Sessions Choice of one of the following will be available:

1.        Understanding and Navigating the Lifelong Psychological Journey of Adults with AD/HD Who Are Undiagnosed Until Adulthood

Speaker:  SARI SOLDEN, M.S., LMFT, author of two books: Journeys Through ADDulthood and Women

               With Attention Deficit Disorder


2.        ADHD on the Job

Speaker:  AMELIA HASENOHRL, LPC, CRC, Rehabilitation Counselor, Neuro-Recovery Program Affliated with

                Munson Medical Center


3.        What Works in the Classroom for the Student with Special Needs

Speaker:  KATHY BRUGGEMAN, Special Education Teacher, Glen Lake Elementary School


4.        What Do You Really Do in a Large Regular Classroom to Help the ADHD Child?

Speaker:  MARTY WICKSALL, Teacher at Kingsley Elementary School


5.        When Do You Evaluate the Child with Special Needs?

Speakers:  BARB HAMMOND, M. Ed., Literacy Coordinator for TBA ISD, Teacher Consultant





For More Information:  Contact The Behavioral Medicine Clinic of Northwest Michigan at (231) 932-1250.


To Register:  Please cut at the dotted line, and mail this form by August 15th with your check (made out to CHADD of Northwest Michigan) to:


                                                The Behavioral Medicine Clinic of Northwest Michigan

                                                13919 SW Bayshore Drive  Suite 209

                                                Traverse City, MI 49684


Name: ________________________________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Phone Number: _____________________________


E-Mail Address: ______________________________________________________


Check One:  Parent _____  Educator _____  Social Worker _____  Physician _____  Psychologist _____

                      Therapist _____  Other _____


Are you a CHADD member?  Yes _____  No _____

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