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Links to Conference Handouts

2005 Proposed Golds Registration Form

Many Handouts from the 4th + 5th Annual Michael Golds Memorial AD/HD Conferences

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2004 Handouts

Laura Athens, Attorney / Mediator "Everyone Wins With Alternative Dispute Resolution in Special Education"

David Giwerc, MCC "The Power of ADD Coaching in the Family"

Janet Kester, "Help! My Piles Have Piles!"

Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW "Survival Tips for Women With AD/HD"

Michigan Department of Career Development

National Association of Professional Organizers Michigan Chapter

Sally Palaian, PhD "Stress Free Money Management for AD/HDer's"

Arthur Robin, PhD "Parenting the Adolecent with AD/HD"

Steven Spector, PhD "Attention, Memory & Learning: A Real Juggling Act"

Debbie Stanley, MA "Help Me Get My Act Together"

Orlando Villegas PhD, "Que' Es Y Que' Trastorno Por Deficit De Atencion Con Hiperactividad"

2003 Handouts below here:

Keynote] Patricia Quinn, MD "AD/HD: It's Not Just For Boy's Anymore"

A] Joyce Ginsberg, M Ed "Getting an Appropriate IEP for your Youngster the First Time"

B] Terry Dickson, MD "Dad's with AD/HD: Building Loving Relationships With Your Children"

C] Laurie Assadi, MA Eds "Understanding Mood Disorders and Depression in Children & Teenagers"

D] Debbie Stanley, MA "AD/HD and Chronic Disorganization"

F] Arthur Robin, Ph D "AD/HD Basics for Individuals With AD/HD and Their Families"

G] Arthur Robin, Ph D "Parenting the Adolecent With AD/HD"

J] Fran Parker, Ph D "Selecting the Right College and Appropriate Fit for the AD/HD Student"

K] Nanci Hester, MS "Sibling Survival: Parenting Strategies to Help Non-AD/HD Children Cope"

L] Eleanor Payson, MSW, ACSW "Can Your Marriage Survive AD/HD?"

P] Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW "Parenting and Distractions: Surviving Family Life When You AND Your Child Have AD/HD"

Q] Wilma Fellman, M ED LPC "Finding a Career That Works With AD/HD"

R] Beverly Hull, Ph D "Diagnosing AD/HD"